A C2C marketplace is an e-commerce through which local private buying and selling are made possible. Sounds simple? It is! Let’s illustrate the function with a concrete example:


Martin would like to sell his old smartphone. It is used, but still functional, he would like to have 50 € for it.

In our marketplace, the seller, in this case, Martin, always pays the cost of shipping and an additional 10% selling fee. These fees serve as both seller and buyer protection. After a quick calculation, he published his first Raffle, his old Smartphone on the marketplace for 60


On the other side, there are the buyers. They could browse through the various categories (e.g. smartphones, electronics) for things they would like to have.

If they have found something they like, they can bid 0,50 € for the product.

As soon as the seller’s desired price is reached, in this case, the 60 € for Martin, the product will be raffled among all participants.

Petra really like the Smartphone from Martin, so she placed a bid. To start the raffle in this concrete example 120 people, have to bid on Martin’s smartphone.

Petra was lucky this time and will now receive a new, used smartphone through the raffle – for only 0,50 €!

The great thing about the raffle marketplace?
The seller always gets his desired price due to the simple and efficient function. There are no more „What is last price?“ – Inquiries anymore. And also, the opposite side of the buyer is happy.

Because one gets a great smartphone for little money!

Do you want to start right away? Then you can start right away. You only need a Paypal account for the marketplace.

With a left swipe you show that…

…you don’t like the product.

…you want to see the next product.

With a left swipe you show that…

…you don’t like the product.

…you want to see the next product.

With a swipe right you show that…

…you like the product.

…that you want to bid 0,50€ to get the chance to win it.

…that you want to see the next product.

With a double tap…

…a pop-up appears which has to be accepted first.

…the product will be bought.

…all bids were refunded to the participants.